Drupal presentation

The Drupal Heart Camp experience

Drupal Heart Camp Zagreb was a success with over 100 attendees from 10 countries. Keynote presentations covered topics such as how it is to work in geo-distributed development teams, advantages and disadvantages of the freelance business and the importance of web accessibility.

Drupal give

Drupal contrib days

We understand the importance of getting involved by contributing back and supporting the Drupal community through regular Drupal contrib sessions.

History of Drupal

History of Drupal

How has Drupal evolved from a message board platform (Drop 1.0) to a fully scaled enterprise-level CMS (Drupal 8.0)?

50% off discovery

50% off Discovery phase

Being passionate supporters of Drupal, we are giving away 50% off Discovery phase to all Drupal Association Members. Read more and register at https://assoc.drupal.org/websolutions-agency.