History of Drupal

History of Drupal

Drupal History

How has Drupal evolved from a message board platform (Drop 1.0) to a fully scaled enterprise-level CMS (Drupal 8.0)?

Did you know some of the key features like modules, nodes, watchdog and multilingual support have been available since Drupal 2.0? Follow the timeline of the Drupal history in the presentation "History of Drupal (aka from Drop 1.0 to Drupal 8.0)" that was held at DrupalCamp London and at Drupal Developer Days Milan in 2016. After watching this presentation you will have a better understanding of why some of the Drupal architecture has been done the way it has.

Drupal history presentation/session topics

  • The web before Drupal
  • How has Drupal survived massive changes in web industry?
  • Why and how was Drupal created?
  • Tour through the history from Drupal 1.0 to 8.0 and a retrospective of how the key features we use today evolved over time (eg: concept of modules, nodes and multilingual support)
  • The future of Drupal

Unfortunately, on Drupal.org website there aren't any releases of Drupal prior to Drupal 4.0. However, the code is kept in the Git, and it just needs to be tagged. To make it happen, vote for this issue here: https://www.drupal.org/node/2660622. Nevertheless, we prepared for you a GitHub repository where you can browse the source code and download old releases from Drupal 1.0 to Drupal 6.0. 

Tamer's presentation History of Drupal (aka from Drop 1.0 to Drupal 8.0) is available on SlideShare, and session videos of Tamer holding the presentation in London and Milan are available bellow.

History of Drupal SlideShare presentation

YouTube video of the session in London by DrupalCamp London

YouTube video of the session in Milan by Associazione Drupal Italia - Available in HD

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