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The Drupal Heart Camp experience

Drupal Heart Camp Zagreb was a success with over 100 attendees from 10 countries. Keynote presentations covered topics such as how it is to work in geo-distributed development teams, advantages and disadvantages of the freelance business and the importance of web accessibility.

We have held three sessions. The presentation "Drupal Stocks and Options" was held by Kristijan Lukačin on the CxO day, and the other two called "Docker4Drupal 2.0 for development and Using Search API" and "Search API Solr and Facets in Drupal 8" were held by our lead developer Dalibor Stojaković. We have prepared the presentation slides for you used in all three presentations.


Drupal Stocks 'n' Options


Docker4Drupal 2.1 for Development


Using Search API, Search API Solr and Facets in Drupal 8

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