Discovery phase

Successful projects start with Discovery phase. Discovery phase includes research, analysis and planning and its purpose is to gain an overall insight into the project, determine business goals, constraints and project scope and to define project success.

Discovery phase deliverables

Permission matrix - the permissions matrix demonstrates which user roles are able to access certain areas of the site and which functionality they can operate. Each user role is matched against a list of actions, a tick or a cross is then applied to show whether the user can or cannot process that action

Sitemap - A sitemap will present the visual representation of the site’s structure, organisation, flow, grouping of content and information.

Annotated wireframes - The annotated wireframe will present an informational, architectural schematic that shows major content placement, priority functionality and primary/secondary navigation. It will also provide the client with an outline of what will be designed before the visual/graphic phase is started

Site Architecture with Content audit & Entities with fields defined (mind map / spreadsheet) - The content audit is an outline of what will be included on the main content types throughout the site. It will outline what fields and different media types will be used. Content may include text, images, video, audio, downloads, data and forms

Product backlog - The agile product backlog is a prioritised features (epics) list, containing short descriptions of all functionality desired in the product

Release plan - A high level breakdown of each release and the project schedule. This is based on the product backlog

Prototype / dev site - Working with Drupal is easy to make prototype of ideas and to test them.

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