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Why we rebranded our company

We recently rebranded our company to Websolutions Agency. Why? Well, there are two main reasons why our management has made that decision after more than two years of running a successful business using the old brand WEBSOLUTIONS | HR.

Websolutions Agency - our new brand

Websolutions rebranded

First reason was to increase online visibility on certain search engines other than local country specific ones. Working with worldwide clients, for us global visibility is imperative. However global visibility was hard to achieve using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) such as our old domain - websolutions.hr. This is because Google wants to return the most relevant and useful search results for a user. Search results can differ between a user for instance in Croatia and a user in the United Kingdom or Germany. To provide users with most relevant results Google relies largely on the site's country code domain. Using a ccTLD domain is good for local SEO efforts. However, to seriously reach international audience it is recommended to use an original or generic TLD instead. For that reason we registered a generic .agency domain. In fact we registred two of them: websolutions.agency and ws.agency. By monitoring search engine rankings we can already see the positive results of that change.

Second reason for rebranding was a very common and wrong perception of WEBSOLUTIONS | HR brand, because of the HR part in it. People often perceived our company as a Human Resources company because of the common HR abbreviation. Needless to say that wrong perception was unnecessary and created serious noise in our brand communication. 

Being a Drupal agency working with worldwide clients, rebranding was a huge step forward in terms of our online strategy and a clearer brand communication. We have already noticed better results for relevant keywords in terms of positioning on search engine result pages globally. We expect that rebranding to Websolutions Agency will continue to be rewarding.

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