Starting a Drupal business

Starting a Drupal company

We are a Drupal born company, created for one purpose - Drupal.

How we've built our Drupal company

Believe it or not, but we've started our Drupal business based on community knowledge and insights gained on Drupal Camps and Drupal Cons sessions and all the conversations we've had there spiced with love for open source and Drupal development in general.

In the video below Kristijan will walk you through our valuable experiences gained when we started our Drupal business. He will give you practical instructions based on our trials and errors. Learn about the greatest challenges that we've overcome while having a 100% growth (so far). Kristijan explains how we "invested in Drupal stocks and options"- i.e. how we've built our Drupal business.

Kristijan's session "Drupal Stocks & Options" held at Drupal IronCamp in Prague

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